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Football Manager 2022 (PC)

Football Manager 2022 (PC)

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Football isn’t just about winning - it’s about overcoming the odds and earning your success. Fighting your way to the top or clawing your way back from the brink; these are the moments that taste sweetest. In Football Manager 2022, you’re the architect of your club’s destiny – the fans’ fortunes rest with you. Prevail in the moments that matter to turn their dreams into reality and earn your place alongside the managerial greats. Lead your club to the top of the footballing world, meeting the board’s objectives and fans’ expectations. Scour the transfer market for the talents of tomorrow or look closer to home, creating pathways for your academy players to realise their full potential. Earn respect on the tactics board, developing a playing style that’s guaranteed to deliver points and that all-important silverware.
Company: Sega
Categories: PC Games / Digital
Themes: Video Games, Football Manager
Barcode: 5055277045310
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