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About us

Gamers’ Boulevard has been providing awesome geeky merch to thousands of geeks all around the globe (sorry flat earthers!) since 2012.


That our team has consumed so far in order to be able to function properly and help you out.


We‘re working hard to make sure we provide the best service possible.

2020 The year where Bane was right

He wore a mask, he cancelled sports events, he quarantined a city and he was fighting a Bat!


Every day feels like Christmas and that’s why we really love what we do. Thanks to the incredible companies we’re working with - we’re bringing thousands of cool and amazing products to geeks all around the world – and this is something special for us!


We firstly opened back in 2012 and since then we have changed the way the local market works – and we’re proud of it. Many tried to copy the way we’re working but failed. But hey, imitation is a sincere form of flattery, right?


We’re trying to conquer the world. If by any chance you are interested to join our cult, feel free to send us a message. If you’re worthy, we’ll get back to you.


If you’re a distributor or a manufacturer feel free to contact us! We always are excited to broaden up our contacts list and work with new exciting companies who share the same vision with us.